Three Core Features



Using big data to create a personalized AI model for users and conduct smart marketing for Internet celebrities; the AI model will analyze relevant data and recommend short videos that best meet ChillNow user preferences and increase their conversion rate with their preferred online celebrities and products.



By downloading ChillNow, users will have their first cryptocurrency wallet and get 2,000 CNW after registering. ChillNow wallet will also support mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, so that users no longer must cross the barriers of cryptocurrency transactions and may participate in a simple and painless way!


Automated IC Management

Through our customized feature design, after joining ChillNow, internet celebrities can easily start uploading videos and interact with fans. The automated online celebrity training system saves the cost for online celebrity agencies and fully exerts the influence of the social ecosystem of ChillNoW!


Short Video Streaming

Users can upload videos freely and communicate with all other user communities, so that everyone can have their own stage and promote themselves!

ChillNow will also launch various themed activities monthly/weekly. In addition to creating topics and creating wonderful content for fans, it can also create high volume and influence for business customers!

Celebrity Personal Video Messaging

In addition to adding many KOLs/stars/artists/net celebrities to the ChillNoW platform to produce content, platform users can also ask KOLs to complete customized content through the celebrity personal messaging feature to fulfill their personal requests for video messaging!


Celebrity Personal Video Messaging

In addition to adding many KOLs/stars/artists/net celebrities to the ChillNoW platform to produce content, platform users can also ask KOLs to complete customized content through the celebrity personal messaging feature to fulfill their personal requests for video messaging!



KOLs/artists/net celebrities can direct their own brands and online stores on short videos, and then use CNW for checkout. Every completed order can be gifted to CNW to buyers and sellers, creating stronger adhesion and fan diversion benefits.



  • 2020 DEC - 2021 JAN

    • Complete seed round financing and core team formation.
    • Complete CNW smart contract for listing and DeFi mechanism. Start angel round investment
  • 2021 FEB - MAR

    • Complete angel round investment.
  • 2021 APR - JUN

    • Connect with major exchanges in Taiwan and abroad and aim for DEX listing first. Subsequently, CNW will aim to for CEX listing as well.
    • Negotiate with other existing App vendors to use CNW as a circulatory token.
  • 2021 JUL - SEP

    • Begin international marketing for CNW
    • CNW reward feature online
    • CNW short video guide purchasing feature online
    • CNW staking release
    • Video farming feature online
    • CNW airdrop reward complete
    • KOL CNW airdrop reward complete
  • 2021 OCT - DEC

    • CNW DeFi ecosystem establishment
    • CNW liquidity mining pool establishment
    • Liquidity mining release
    • Lending rate algorithm release Token
    • Token buyback smart contract deployment
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Total Supply

Upload videos to receive CNW rewards!

ChillNoW will refer to the quantity and quality of videos uploaded by KOLs and influencers as the standard for receiving CNW rewards. According to the proportion of videos uploaded by internet celebrities, the number of CNW rewards given back every day will be allocated and decrease by year.


One-click CNW exchange

In addition to buying CNW with fiat money, users may also exchange other virtual assets they originally held for CNW through the one-click exchange feature!




Justin Zhou

Doctor of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University, senior media worker in Taiwan, current Legislative Yuan consultant, director and chief executive officer of the National Policy Research Foundation, chairman of Yushan International Consulting Co., Ltd., honorary chairman of the Asia Pacific Film Festival and Taiwan Science and Technology Association promoter and leader.


Vice Chairman

Kuan-Jung Chen

Outstanding alumnus of National Taiwan University in 2017. He is currently the general manager of Utrust Technology. He has 20 years of software R&D and management experience. He has hosted more than 60 medium and large-scale information system development projects. In recent years, he has been committed to engineering technology applications, big data cloud platform architecture design, and AI intelligent management module research and development, and has several software applications patents and awards.



Jet Yang

Founder of KNOWING News/Bitnance/SRMedia, formerly the Executive Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bloomberg Businessweek Chinese Edition and publisher of iBloomberg APP.


羅子亮 - 策略長




Charles Wu

The current vice president of GSR Matrix Fund. Graduated from Purdue University, Department of Accounting, and Master of International Finance from Coventry London. Served as Audit + Taxation of International Horwath Accounting Firm, Analyst of Armstrong Energy Asset Management Investment Department.



Yan Hsieh

Graduated from Department of Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, Served as CEO of TiDeal Hong Kong-based Tide Sunshine Virtual Currency Exchange, Vice President of Hong Kong-based Global Securities Pass Virtual Currency Exchange, senior engineer of American Thundercore Blockchain, and Trend Micro Information Security Engineer.


白長安 - 架構師

成功大學工學碩士,結構技師,20 年軟體研發資深工程師,專長大型系統整合、物聯網資通訊技術及APP深度框架設計,近年重要成就包含中華電信瓦斯雲平臺(含客戶端管理 APP )、新光人壽人生設計所 APP、高雄義享天地會員 APP、營建署污水下水道資料整合雲(含行動化巡檢APP)、雅昌集團深圳藝術中心會員導購推薦平臺及服務 APP。


彭念劬 - 首席科學家



張以承 - 資深串流工程師

台灣大學資訊工程學系畢業,歷任東南亞前 3 大語音影像串流交友軟體 Goodnight 首席工程師。


丁冠綸 - 產品長

PMP/IPMA專案管理師,TQUK心理諮商師/企業培訓師,專長為產品/專案管理、商業心理分析、使用者體驗整合、經濟&商業模型設計等 過去曾在中國產業服務,參與過如Big Data.AI&BI系統建置、電競賽事&數據整合系統等大型2B服務軟體開發,以及如直播平台、社群平台等使用者導向2C產品。


林志豪 - 行銷總監



Project Director

Sunny Chang

Graduated from the Department of English at Soochow University. Served as KNOWING news network editor/Bitnance editorial department, network news editor and senior interview editor.


黃詩雅 - 行銷主任

曾任職於威剛科技、Tech Orange、China Post,並於泰國曼谷FunRepublic (TSUNAMI) E-Com,擔任Operation Assistant Manager,負責品牌KOL行銷內容與線上線下跨文化活動專案,具備海外工作經驗以及外地生活生存能力、跨文化溝通合作的工作經驗。



Chia Ming Chu

Doctor of Economics, Professor. In the 1980s, Zhu Jiaming served as the comprehensive group of the former Technical and Economic Research Center of the State Council, the International Research Institute of China International Trust Corporation (CITIC), the Western Research Center, the Beijing Youth Economic Association, the head of the China Reform and Opening Foundation, and the industrial economy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Associate researcher of the Institute.


Bob Lin

Original founder of Silicon Valley Acorn Park. He has been investing in angel investment since his college days. He was the first Chinese to create a venture capital fund and incubation center in Silicon Valley, and he was also one of the first generation of most successful angel investors in innovation and entrepreneurship. With more than 40 years of venture capital experience, he has served as directors and consultants of many well-known companies and has cultivated many listed companies.


Jia Bin Du

Chairman of the Hong Kong Blockchain Association, professionals engaged in private equity, venture capital and hedge funds, has more than 25 years of experience from Wall Street to the Asia-Pacific region. Founded OES Capital Group with a total asset management scale of billions of dollars.